Why Choose Us

A Broker You Can Trust

Choosing the right partner to trade futures is the most important part of your trading journey.

Yutaka Shoji is licensed by Securities Commission of Malaysia, a statutory body under the purview of Ministry of Finance whose ultimate responsibility is to protect the investors.

The strong financial position of our holding company, Yutaka Trusty Securities Co. Ltd, founded in 1957 and listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange ensures our resilience through good and bad times.

Global Access

Connect and trade globally to many exchanges simultaneously using one user name and password from our cutting-edge trading platform.

Industry-leading Technology Built for Speed, Security and Accessibility

Yutaka Shoji is committed to protecting your account from fraudulent practices. The optional secure login system provides an additional layer of security to your trading account that requires an extra step when logging into your account:

Premier Trading Platform

Powerful enough for the most discriminating capital market professionals optimizing on trading speed and efficiency, yet designed for all categories of users. The trading platform is available on desktop, mobile and web.

Secure Login System

Once your account is approved and funded, you will receive an email requesting you to “Confirm Email” to access your trading account.

Customizable layouts to suit your preferences

Built-in zero-installation and comprehensive charts provide users a complete trading experience.

Two-Factor Authentication (Optional)

In addition to password, user have the option to enable two-factor authentication. Users will receive a randomly-generated security code through SMS number or registered email address.

Simply said, if a hacker should somehow manage to obtain your username and password, they WILL NOT be able to access your account without full access to your smartphone or email.

Chart Trading

The chart widget provides you the ability to enter orders directly within the chart, as well as monitor and interact with the markets by displaying fills and working.

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